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Change "Post a Comment" Text With a Customized Image/Text On Blogger

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Design you own comment section by replacing your template default "Post a Comment" text with customized image or a text of your own selection.This is just a simple HTML editing that you need to know. You don't need to be a techy just follow my step by step instruction.

Today I am giving few pictures which you can use or you can add your own created designs.Now lets go to the tutorial:

How To Replace Post a Comment Text?

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
  • As always download/backup a copy of your template.
  • click expand widget template check box
  • Now find below small junk of code in your template

You may see this code more than once,you need to find the code which looks like or closely similar to this.

Now replace above red colored code with one of the below image code.Here you can use your own image or your own text also.

Some Image Samples

Here I am giving some sample of images you can use them or you can add your own image.

Sample 1

Blogger Tricks And Tips

Sample 2

Blogger Tricks And Tips

Sample 3

Blogger Tricks And Tips

Sample 4

Blogger Tricks And TipsComment here

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This simple HTML editing will give another good design on your comment section, you can select any picture or create your own design you want and change the the picture given in the tutorial.You can find more template tweaks here: Blogs911 Template Tweaks